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“Our philosophy is all about showing this country as it is”
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Myanmar Team Building and MICE

The Team Building are designed for fun, motivation, great team work, improve communication, leadership skill and an extremely memorable addition to your experience trip in Myanmar.Mandalay_Convention_Center

Myanmar known as Burma has been opened up to welcome the corporates to do the Team Building and MICE. Accessed by regional direct flights, Myanmar is a great country for Team Building Activities. There is also direct flight from Bangkok to Mandalay which offer the variaties of activities. The Team Building will cover up Mandalay, the former capital, Bagan, the ancient temple and the unique Inle Lake. For landing point in Yangon, we recommend the activities to build team spirits and there is another reason for the Team Building in Myanmar is the untouched beaches. On top of that, we never forget our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which contribute to the sustainable tourism development in Myanmar.Myanmar_Inle_Lake


Inle Lake is the most unique place to do the Team Building. Inle Lake also offers many room accommodations. The Team Building Activities in Inle Lake not only has the Team Spirit on the water such as boat racing, build bamboo raft and do the team competition bamboo rafting. We will also visit the community and the school on the lake provide the impact on the Social Responsibilities contribuiting school kits to the children.


Baloon_BaganMyanmar has one of the world's greatest archeolical sitesmainly in Bagan.It was the former capital of the Kingdom of Pagan from 9th to 13th century and over 10,000 Buddhist temples, pagodas and monasteries were built Bagan. Today there over 2,200 temples and pagodas still survive.

The celebration dinner can be arranged on cruise or at the hotel in Mandalay or Bagan depends on the group size with the award ceremony for trophy.

Team Building memento:
-Perfect to develop Communication potentiality within a team
-Great Source of Inspiration and shared memories
-Develop adaptation skills
-Treasure hunting and critical thinking
-Great tools to energize the team
-Developing the planning and problem solving skills

The Challenges:
Depend on the concept, we are able to design all challenges and activities to match with the team building objective. Below are some samples of most popular activities we have been operating.

Why us?

We have our office located in Mandalay, using our own bicycles, local resources and guaranteed competitive price. Social Corporate Responsibility is our key to contribute to sustainable tourism development. Since 2007, we have been implementing social responsible policy through our conservation, environment, education and health care programs. We believe children with better health care and education will have better future. Starting from 2014 we have been co-organizing charity cycling & team building events to raise fund for Angkor Hospital for Children.

-We have the ability to operate Team Building upto 1000 participants.

We have been organizing succcessfully the biggest team buidling activities in Cambodia for 1,000 participants and it was the biggest Team Building in Cambodia. >> Learn More

Cycling Challenge

Team Building Grouping

-We have extensive experience operating for World Class Company

In late 2018 we have operated Incentive & Team Building Activities for International Airline Service (IAS) group 300pax sucessfully to inspire team challenge with soft adventure while immerse in cultural activies and social responsibility.
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Rice Planting

Team Success for Treasure Hunt

-RAID AMAZONES (World Class Event to empower women challenge)

In 2014, Raid Amazones was operating in the former Khmer Empire to empower women challenge. It was not only about Team Challenge but also immerse in the culture where participants from all over the world can enjoy the unqiue experiences through the authentic countryside of Cambodia, Floating Village on Tonle Sap lake like nowhere else can compare. It is a lifetime experience, as the result Raid Amazones has returned back in 2017 to Cambodia with over 300 particants. Over 200 participants waitinglist has joined the 3rd Raid Amazones Cambodia in March 2018. Both teams in 2017 and 2018 have also enjoyed Village Experience in Cambodia. >> Learn More

Cycling & Canoeing

Running Challenge

-Since 2013, we have been ground operating for World Class Multi-Stage Running Challenge through the stunning countryside of Cambodia covering the ancient Khmer Empire road including all the nature, un-touched temples, water fall and the 7th Wonder of the World.

Kick off with monk blessing

Untouched Temple Hidden in the Jungle

Other challenges we did including Tuk Tuk Challenge for Large Minority, indoor and outdoor Team Building activities for both international and local corporates.

Indoor Activity


Team Spirit


Spider Web


Out Door Activity


Out Door Activity


Building Raft (8 teams of 4 people)


Celebration Dinner


Award ceremony