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Saigon to Nam Catien Park 2D

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Bhutan Cycling: Biking Tour and Cycling Trip in Bhutan

Bhutan, the Last Secret, is the Bhuddism Kingdom on the Eastern part of Himalaya borderd with Tibet. Situated on the ancient Silk Road between Tibet, the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia, Bhutan is a landlock state that developed a distinct national identity based on Buddhism. Since 2012, our partner from Germany has been operating ultra marathon in Bhutan which has been a beautiful country to visit. Since then we have developed our relationship with Bhutan. In Cambodia, we have also been successfully ground operating ultra marathon since 2012.

Below are our cycling tours in Bhutan which we focus mainly on taking people to see REAL World while enjoying the scenery, emmerse in the culture learning about the people, experience their food and more.

7 Days

Bhutan Cycling Himalaya
This cycling starts from Paro to cycle to visit Thimpu, the only city and capital in Bhutan surrounded by beautiful scenery, visit birdlife, wild orchids and visit the Tiger's Nest.
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15 Days
Exploring, The Last Secret of Bhutan
Experience beautiful landscape, cycle through evergreen prime forest, pass amzaing monasteries and immerse yourself in traditional Buddhist culture. >> Learn More