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Magic Cool Khmer Tie!

You Can Be COOL in JUST 20 Minutes!

BEAT the HEAT! Stay Cool All Day!

In addition to our complementary fresh towel when on tour, we provide complementary magic cool Khmer tie. It is a revolutionary cool wear accessory containing scientifically designed crystals that work effectively to cool the body when you walk or cycle in the heat.

Magic Khmer Cool Tie is suitable for those who are not get used to the heat in Cambodia. However, we still recommend to start the tour early before it gets hot.

Just add Water to the "TO GO" Bag.

Once the crystals are hydrated, the fabric surface of the Magic Cool Tie draws the moisture from the crystals to the fabric surface, which evaporates resulting in an effective body cooler. The fabric dries to the touch but stays cool and keeps on cooling by the process of evaporation, and it is reusable day after hot day!

Cool Ties are used by the UN Forces for soldiers in extreme heat conditions.

- Place tie in bottom of zip lock bag, just cover with water                                   

- Soak for 20 to 30 minutes and it's ready for the day.                                         

- Pieces of ice or ice chips may be added to the bag.                                         

- Remove from water and gently squeeze out excess water.                                 

- Place your Cool Tie around your neck or use as headband.                                

- For added cooling, just refresh with water in the To Go Bag.                              

- Only short soakings are needed to recharge your Cool Tie.                                 

- Do not store in water as the crystals will continue to expand.                            

- Can be hand washed. Rinse well and hang to dry.                                            

- Can be used again and again.                                                                        

- Store in To Go Bag in the refrigerator for maximum cooling!                                

- Do not machine wash.    Do not Freeze.                                                         

- Non-Toxic, Non-allergenic, Safe for Environment.                                             

- Our Khmer (pronounced Krama) Tie material are hand dyed and hand woven in the ancient traditional way by talented weavers in the Kompong Cham province. By purchasing the Magic Khmer Tie, we are helping to support many families in Cambodia. The profit will go back to community and the most beneficiaries are women and children who are at risk due to recent financial crisis. Some of the garment factory workers lost their jobs. The project is supported by Tevy Foundation to provide weaving training and income generation.